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Ello' loves, old fans and whoever you are. Charlie Pace my name. You probably know me from Drive Shaft, you know You all Everybody? Of course you don't...Well here's a funny little story, I once was in a plane crash. Yeah I know, absolutely wonderful little anecdote, but on that island full of polar bears in the jungle, tree-shaking behemoths, pregnant stealing loonies, I met this woman. Her name's Claire and she's and she has a son, little Turnip Head Aaron Littleton, the most brilliant child. It's sounds odd, I know, former rock star and junkie hooks up with beautiful pregnant aussie, but as strange as it is, they're the closest thing I've ever had to a family and a home. And I've never felt so bloody happy in my whole excuse of a life.

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“Why would I ever want to scare you away? And I can be quite scary when want to be, you just haven’t seen that side to me yet. Well, we should count ourselves lucky that I have no idea how to use a rifle. My temper can come over me at times.” She let out a soft giggle before adding, “You’d still kiss me even if I had a birds nest? I’m quite flattered, I must say.” Claire was lucky to have a guy who was willing to love her wholeheartedly no matter what, Charlie was like the boys from her fairy tale stories that her Mum used to read her. Thousands of women around the world would dream of someone like Charlie. So what did she do to deserve him? After pushing him away all of those times, she was lucky that she got a second chance with him. Before the island Claire was someone who couldn’t trust anyone, and Charlie changed that for her. He made her to be able to live again without worrying that she wasn’t going to be abandoned. He was the only person who hasn’t left her.

“Even if my head is as blown up as a hot air balloon? Because that’s the direction you’re headed, Mr. Pace.” The blush on her cheeks grew a bit deeper and she flashed him a quick grin. She looked down at their joint hands, and then looked back up to him- smiling softly in admiration. Claire squeezed his hand a bit more, just as a friendly reminder that she was always here beside him. “Mm, I will. Then you will know what I go through when you make me blush!”

“You do have a point,” a small giggle escaped her lips, remembering back to the day when Charlie had brought her imaginary “peanut butter”. “Pie would be nice, but so would a real bed…with soft, fluffy pillows. And stranger things have happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if your banoffee pie fantasy came true one of these days.” Claire watched intently as he looked around in his bag, a huge smile coming to her face when she saw the jar of peanut butter. She hadn’t had any since Hurley handed out the food to everyone, and Charlie had managed to steal her a jar. It meant a lot for her that he would go through all the trouble, even if it was just food. “Peanut butter? Charlie, thank you.” Without thinking, Claire dipped her finger into the jar and stuck her finger in her mouth- letting the gooey substance flirt with her taste buds. A small ‘mmm’ sounded around her finger, and she let out a deep breath. “80 days? Has it really been that long?” It hadn’t seemed like all of the events that have happened on the island occurred throughout 80, long days. But most of all, Claire didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with someone so deeply over only 80 days. It felt like they knew each other their whole life.

“There goes my dreams up in ashes then. Looks like I can’t have you around any more, especially if you can’t knit a sweater.” she joked, a sly smirk dancing across her lips and she mad sure to wink.

“You don’t see it, but everyone here likes you Charlie. You’re just likeable.” It didn’t make sense to her as to why anyone would hate Charlie. Yeah, he had made mistakes on this island, but he was human. After all, isn’t that what this island was all about? Second chances? She remembered Locke telling her that back when he spent time with Aaron and her. Claire listened intently to every word he said, before shaking her head- making sure that she was looking deep into his eyes. “I like you Charlie because, you make me feel like I’m on top of the world sometimes. Like I can do anything because I know you’ll be there to catch me when I fall. And I know you think that you don’t deserve me, but that’s where you’re wrong. You deserve anything you want, Charlie. No matter what you may think of yourself, in my eyes you’re perfect the way you are. I like you because despite being a single mother stranded on a mysterious island, you give me moments like this. Where I can have a picnic with my boyfriend and I can have fun. Because no one has ever made me feel this way before. That’s why I like you.” She gazed into his eyes lovingly with every word she spoke. It killed her that Charlie thought he was so unworthy of her, she had to let him know how much he meant to her. “Just like you;re the best thing that’s happened to me? You and Aaron, of course.” Leaning over to him, she pulled him into a soft hug. Claire squuezed him tightly and took in his salty ocean scent.

“Ooo, scandalous now, are we? You’d risk you job for a kiss? I admit myself honored.”  There was nothing she loved more than the banter they would share with each other. No matter how silly it was, it made Claire laugh. She was truly happy for the first time in her life, and it kinda scared her that she was so thrilled despite the circumstances. “Like I said, I like you either way. But if a suit just-so-magically appeared on this island…I wouldn’t complain if you were to try it on.” Claire said with a small shrug. “I do not. I have great taste in men. You’re my boyfriend after all!” A burst of giggles escaped past her lips as she saw the look on Charlie’s face when the handful of grapes were thrown at him. “What are you going to do about it?” her smile quickly faded as peanut butter was smeared on her face. She gave him a daring look, “This means war.” Quickly searching for something to avenge him with, she found a can of Dharma whipped cream of all things. Shaking the can rapidly, she sprayed some on to her hands and smeared it across Charlie’s cheeks. Laughing hysterically at the sight of him. “Looks like we’re even!”

She nodded frantically and chuckled as she pictured him with red highlights, a suit, and some leather pants. Come to think of it, she was quite odd. “What can I say? I’m unique!”

“I’ll try my best to act as cranky as I can. And you’re calling me odd!” For a moment, she thought back to the time they spent when they were fighting. That was only a couple of weeks ago, but so many things had changed since then. Ever since they held hands at Ana-Lucia and Libby’s funeral, she realized how much she needed him and how lost she would have been if he wasn’t here. It made her sound so selfish, but she was glad he had ended up here with her and her son. “It’s a lot more than nothing, Charlie.” She let her hand rest on his cheek, smiling at him fondly. Her eyes wandered down to her hands, suddenly becoming nervous. No one had ever spoken such words to her, and with such meaning. “No one has ever said anything like that to me before, Charlie. You have no idea how much that means to me. And how can you repay me? Just don’t leave me. Please.” At the end of the day, they were both broken. They were both flawed and alone before they met, both looking for something they couldn’t find. And they needed each other.

“Nah, I think it’s something else love. I’m not a yank and I don’t get weird looks.” she joked, grinning at him. “Sawyer shouldn’t be talking, he almost has a mullet himself. Kate should get a pair of scissors on that thing.” she stated matter-of-factly. “Hmm, I think I can live with that.”

She felt safe as they seeped together in the silence, Claire once again taking in the scent of Charlie. He smelled like the ocean and salty air. It was something that she had gotten used to, his scent had actually calmed her at times. It was weird how things that little had so much significance to Claire. Maybe it was because this was the first time she had ever truly been in love? Even though, she was afraid to admit it out load- it was true. Claire thought if she had ever said it, that it might scare Charlie off and he’d leave her here alone on this island to raise Aaron.

“Just like you mean the world to me?” She asked, though it wasn’t much of a question. “I was quite horrible to you once upon a time. Even though you might have deserved it once or twice, I’m no saint Charlie.” a small sigh slipped past her lips “You really do think too highly of me. But I’m thankful for it. No one’s ever really treated me like you do.” she stopped for a brief moment before raising a brow and adding, “And you mean the like we will both share when we get off this island? Together?” She put out her hand as to make a deal.  The thoughts of her mother were overwhelming her brain, and if she didn’t snap out of it soon she might start to cry. Claire started to hear Charlie’s voice over her thoughts, quickly she snapped out of it. “Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m fine, it’s nothing.” she shook the memories out of her mind, returning back to earth. “Mmm, I’m lucky that I have a knight in shining armor as brave and dapper as you!” Claire played along, “You most certainly are. And, hmm, I haven’t really thought about that. Maybe if I share a bed with a certain someone, I won’t have to pay as much?”

“The rush sounds like too much. I’m not used to that much excitement!” she started to chuckle softly, “I don’t know, sounds like a pretty dangerous life style. I don’t think I could handle all of that.”

"Don’t know…perhaps you feel like Charlie is just a tad too annoying one day and want to scare him away for some privacy?" he could think of a million more reasons, but he was not about to voice them out loud, especially not if Claire decided he had a point. "Oh believe me, Locke might be a bloody scary git with hundred of knives with him in his bag, but I imagine that if you put your lovely little mind at being scary, you’d scare his trousers of, love…Perhaps you should learn how to use one, in case some wanker decides to come after you…like that bastard ex you had" yes, perhaps he would ask Kate or Jack or anyone of the A-team to teach Claire how to shoot in case that sodding arse decided he suddenly should be a part of Aaron’s and Claire’s life. Her ex didn’t deserve them, well neither did he, but he was much too selfish to care about that. He wouldn’t blame Claire for leaving him right at this very minute, but every second she decided to spend with him meant more to him than anything he had ever gotten or experienced. And if she did, he knew he would never stop caring for her, she had done the impossible, given him things that he never thought he’d get; love, hope, family, himself…for the first time since before the drugs he actually felt like Charlie, not Drive-Shaft Charlie, Junkie-Charlie, but Charlie. He could never thank her enough for that.
"Love, I’d snog you even if you decided that Locke’s hairstyle would look brilliant on you".

Especially if your head is as blown up as a hot air balloon” he repeated with a smile. He felt her squeeze him, perhaps it was his hand, but it felt more like his heart. Surely she must know that she practically held his heart in her hands, that she could do whatever she wished with it, as long as she was looking at him like that. Or squeezing his hand so sweetly like she was doing right at this very moment. “Making you blush is my new hobby, won’t complain if you decide to get the same one”.

"I always have a point…if it’s a good or a bad one though is another thing" he joked, grinning perhaps a bit too proudly when she started to giggle, he was always proud to get reactions like that from her. "Well my old bed would be brilliant, but I would much prefer he one we’re using if the company remains". Claire was like his snog blanket, he doubted he could ever sleep without her by his side. It wasn’t the fact that there was a beautiful woman sleeping beside him, though obviously he didn’t mind that fact at all. But it was Claire, his personal angel, living and breathing right next to him, sharing the same air and warmth as him. He always enjoyed the days when he woke up before her, so he could just watch her lie there so peacefully, looking more beautiful than he had ever seen her.
He watched all of her start to light up at the sight of the jar, he wondered that if they did share the same time together, even when they were 80 years old and sitting in their rocking chairs, if she’d still look like that if he brought her a jar of peanutbutter. The grin he had on his face fell slightly as she asked about the days. Bloody stupid wanker, of course he shouldn’t have brought up just how much time they had spent here, now he’d gone and ruined the evening, like the tosser that he was. “Perhaps I counted the days wrong…bassists aren’t known for their math heads” he joked nervously, hoping she wasn’t too disturbed by finding out just how long they had been stranded.

"Now hold on there love, just because you don’t fancy wearing a sweater with more holes in it than fabric doesn’t make it any less of a knitted shirt. Odder fashion has been seen you know, trust me, I’ve worked on the stage, I’ve seen it all. So it seems like you will have to stay anyway, sorry love" he teased back.

"That wasn’t the tune everyone was singing before, but I only care about what the Littletons think of me…well and Hurley. I do need to talk to someone about just how big of a crush I have on this bird. Honestly, I don’t understand why he doesn’t run the other way at the sight of me by now. You’d bloody well think I’d said it all after such a long time, but then the bird keeps doing these amazing things that makes my silly crush bigger and bigger" he joked to hide the fact that he very much still felt like everyone here despised him. Actually he was quite sure, well alright, Claire didn’t seem to loathe him, especially not sitting so close to him and looking like she’d rather be here than any place at all, even back home in Australia. But everyone still thought him useless and annoying, which he was, he supposed, but that didn’t change the fact that it still made him feel bad.
Listening to her, listening to the words she was saying about how he made her feel, that she hadn’t felt that way before was the most beautiful things he had ever heard. He really wanted to tell her how he loved her, that he hadn’t loved anyone nor anything nearly as much as he did her. But what if she didn’t love him back? He would admit by now that she liked him, but loved him? That seemed impossible, especially if you were as amazing as Claire. “Like doesn’t begin to cover how I feel about you Claire…you really are the World to me. I never told you this, but I barley remember the first days of the crash. I do however remember everything about how we met…even all bruised up, you still took my breath away.
I think I already back then might have fallen in love with you” he muttered the last sentence quietly to himself. Though many surely thought the plane crash to be the worst day in their life, it was his favorite. He had been given the chance not only to change, but to fall in love with Claire, even during the circumstances, he still felt like he could never have been happier.

"I’d do anything, for you dear, anything, for you mean everything to me. I’d go anywhere for your smile, anywhere, for your smile everywhere I’d see" he sung the ditty from a movie he’d grown up with that still seemed to be stuck in his head in a reply to her tease, while playing some simple accords to the short singing he did.  He raised an eyebrow as she told him she wanted to see him in a suit. "Fine, as long as you’re going to try on a pair of very, very snug leather trousers, we have deal. Well, if I get to help you of of them too” he joked with a wink.
"Well, if you think that having me as a boyfriend proves your point in having a good taste, you’re terribly wrong, love".
He started to chuckle as she was half smeared with her precious peanutbutter in her lovely face, the face she was pulling might have been the funniest  yet precious thing he had ever seen. “Bring it on, Littleton, chose your weapon” he looked as she were searching the picnic food he had brought for something to attack him with. Before he knew it, he had whipped cream all over himself. He blew some of the cream that had gotten in his hair with a deep sigh. Really this was probably the most fun he had since forever, but he played along that this was all too irritating. “Oh, now you’ve gone and done it, haven’t you?” he started to smirk though as he leaned closer to her to kiss her. The kiss tasted of peanut butter, whipped cream and Claire. “I think I prefer this over banoffee pie” he said after they had parted with a slightly awestruck smile.

"Unique is good though, just look at how your odd taste brought you to me".

"Not sure you need to act it" he teased. "Well, what can I say? Odd people go together brilliantly".
The look she was giving him could have killed him right there, and bloody hell if Desmond wouldn’t tell him that was the reason for his death than he’d be more than just disappointed. Her look showed more gratitude, care, love than he had ever seen in anything before. He took her hands into his, she needed to understand that he would never leave her. He knew just about everyone had left her before, and he couldn’t understand how anyone could do that, especially if being near Claire gave one a reward of the most beautiful of smiles, smiles that he were getting really addicted to. “Claire, I would rather die than disappoint and leave you” he said honestly. “Trust me Claire, nothing or no one will ever part me from you, even when you want me to leave”.

"Hm, then I have no bloody clue what it could be then". He couldn’t help but to chuckle as she made fun of Sawyer’s hair. "Oh I’m sure you’d break his heart if you told him that".

"As I said, love, you are the World to me. Well once upon a time I was a sodding idiot who needed you to tell me off. Really Claire, why are you still with me after everything I’ve done? I’ve hurt you so many times…put Aaron in danger without knowing…no one would blame you, especially not me, if you decided that you’ve had enough” did that mean he wanted it to happen? Abso-bloody-lutely not, but he would more than understand if she did. “But that’s one of the million reasons to why I like you, you’re not a saint yet you’re not a sinner. You’re…Claire, and that’s everything you ever need to be”.
Why did he have to lie to her? Tell her that they’d get to live the rest of their lives together when he knew that soon enough he’d be six feet under? In reality he just wanted to hug her and cry out all the things he needed to tell her before he died. But he would not be able to see her reaction, let it be one of little care or heartbreak…oh god, what if he broke her heart? He had promised to never leave her, yet knew he was going to die in a matter of time. He felt like more of a bastard than her ex and daddy combined. “Yes…when we both get off the island” he muttered with a sad smile, hearing his inner voice tell him that he was just making things worse by keeping on with the lying, making fun of him for still haven’t changed from the man he crashed here as.

"You sure, love? I can run over to Jack’s tent and look for some headache medicine if you are starting to get one or something" he spoke nervously, she didn’t seem alright, and she needed to be more than alright, she needed to be brilliant.
"We could most certainly make that work in that case, seems like you might get to stay in my flat then".

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You cut me down a tree and brought it back to me. And that’s what made me see where I was going wrong; You cut me down to size, and opened up my eyes - made me realize what I could not see. And I could write it down, or spread it all around. Get lost and then get found.

And you’ll come back to me, not swallowed in the sea.

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Dominic Monaghan


Dominic Monaghan

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“You do have a point there.” He said with a soft laugh. 

“I’m sure in the future, quite possibly the near future, your band will become more successful. You’ll never know unless you give it some time.” Richard offered Charlie a small smile before removing a hand from his pocket and extending it towards the other man. “I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Richard. Richard Alpert.” Glancing down at his wristwatch he took note of the time. Ben would be wanting him back on the island soon. 

"I always do, well at least when it comes to music".

"Yeah? Why? Media suddenly decides Drive Shaft is the new Beatles? Do doubt it’ll happen anytime soon, nor in the future…thanks for having hope though, good to know someone does" Drive shaft was dead, that he knew. Doubt even Frankenstein could revive the band even if he wanted to. He took the other man’s hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you Ricky. So what do you do then?" the man was looking at his watch and it made him wonder if he was in some type of hurry, perhaps he was late for some type of makeup lesson with that eyeliner.

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Lost character personality archetypes: Part One (inspired by)

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